Foundations, Extras and Scope & Sequence

Your family is unique and your style of homeschooling will be also. Avoid the temptation to compare yourself to others. Comparison often leads to the death of contentment. The book So You're Thinking About Homeschooling could be a great help in understanding what homeschooling style fits your family as a whole. Each of your children will likely learn in a different way. Try reading 8 Great Smarts or The Way They Learn. These would be a wonderful investment for your co-op or church library!

At some time during your homeschooling years you will find each of these books to have answers that will support and encourage you in your journey. They are all books that you will return to again and again over the years and would be a worthy investment for your home library.

Foundational Resources >

Each of these titles is a non-consumable resource that you will use with multiple ages throughout your homeschool years. They would all be helpful to have on hand as references and guides in many subject areas.

Helpful Extras >

While these are many of our top recommended resources for each of the grade levels, this is just an example of what you could use. Don’t try to do it all!

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We encourage you to integrate as many grade levels and subjects as appropriate for more than one student. While students typically need to work on individual levels for math and phonics, the remaining subjects can easily be adapted for multiple grade levels. Choose what interests YOUR family.

Each child progresses at a different rate. For math and language skills, allow your students to progress as quickly as they are able. Choose curriculum to match their ability level rather than their supposed grade level.

We encourage you to pray for direction as you choose resources for your family. If you need help customizing your family's education, please call us at (763) 241-HOME (4663) or contact us at

Scope & Sequence (pdf)
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