Homeschooling Groups

Listed below are links to upper mid-west homeschool organizations*:


  • TPA - Teaching Parents Association
    The Teaching Parents Association is a Christian organization networking new, current, and former homeschool families within the state of Kansas.
  • MÂCHÉ - Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators
    MÂCHÉ (pronounced "Mah-shay") was formed in 1983 to encourage Christian families in the home education of their children. MÂCHÉ is a statewide, facilitating organization for all parents who have chosen to homeschool.

  • MCHEC Minnesota Catholic Home Education Conference
    MCHEC is a non-profit organization that began in 1998 for the purpose of providing an annual conference to encourage and inspire homeschool parents in their mission as the primary educators of their children.

    Listed below are links to groups which offer classroom learning opportunities for homeschoolers in Minnesota. Each offer open-enrollment, and is not a co-op or support group (there are too many of these for us to keep up-to-date with; please contact one of the state-wide organization listed above for information on these kinds of groups).

    • CHAT - Christian Homeschool Academy of Tutoring
      CHAT seeks to be an enhancement to the home education of Middle and High School students by offering classroom instruction in a variety of core and supplemental classes, all of which reflect a Christian worldview. CHAT serves the southwest Twin Cities area with classes in Eden Prairie.

    • HERO - Home Educators Resource Organization
      Since 1996, HERO has been providing weekly learning activities and classes covering a wide variety of subjects for Preschool to 12th grade home educated students and teaching parents in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

    • WEST - Wings Educational Services for Teens
      WEST sets the course for educational success through quality tutorial-based classroom instruction, from a Christian perspective, to home-educated students 5th-12th grades and PSEO students within a community setting. WEST meets Mondays and Tuesdays in Maple Grove & Wednesdays in Rogers (west of the Twin Cities).

    • YEAH - Youth Educated at Home
      YEAH was founded in 1988 to serve the specific needs of home educated students from 7th grade through graduation. YEAH is based in Minnesota with most of its membership in the areas in and around Minneapolis/St. Paul and western Wisconsin.
  • MPE - Midwest Parent Educators
    MPE, which began in 1986 as "Johnson County Parent Educators (JCPE)", serves home educators in the greater Kansas City metro area, including many from Wyandotte, Miami, and Douglas counties in Kansas and from counties in and around Kansas City, Missouri.
  • NCHEA - Nebraska Christian Home Educators Association
    NCHEA is a volunteer driven, non-profit organization founded in 1986 to encourage and support Christian families in the education of their children at home in accordance with Biblical principles and to support the rights of Christian parents to homeschool their children.
  • NDHSA - North Dakota Home School Association
    The purpose of NDHSA is to encourage and assist Christian families in North Dakota in the education of their children according to Biblical principles, and to provide to home educators and the general public information pertaining to the Biblical, academic and legal aspects of home education.
  • SDCHE - South Dakota Christian Home Educators
    SDCHE is a nonprofit, Christ-centered organization dedicated to serving home educators in South Dakota and in neighboring states. Its mission is to provide a covering, support, and encouragement for home educators, educate people about home schooling, provide opportunities for children's enrichment and growth through various activities, promote home schooling to the general public, and monitor legislative issues related to home schooling.

  • SECHE - Sioux Empire Christian Home Educators
    Sioux Empire (i.e., Sioux Falls, South Dakota) Christian Home Educators (SECHE) was officially started in August of 2002, with a goal of honoring our Lord Jesus Christ in all activities and to encourage families to home school in a manner that honors God.

* Please note that we do not necessarily endorse each of these organizations, but we have placed them here for your convenience.

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