G.A. Henty Short Stories - Audio MP3


A terrific addition to your Henty audiobook collection! (The Plague Ship is my personal favorite story on this CD - with a wonderful female lead!) The collection contains narratives that continue the Henty tradition of heroes both brave and modest, but are quite unlike a typical Henty novel in that they are sometimes sentimental or melancholy. Henty was primarily known for his full length novels for young people, but he regularly contributed short stories such as these to weekly boys' magazines such as The Boys Own Paper and The Union Jack, and was editor of many publications as well.

This is a computer CD. The audio files will play on any computer CD drive, DVD player or MP3 compatible CD player. MP3 CD players are available at most large electronics or discount stores. The audio files on this CD will not play on a standard CD player.

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  • Model: 4203
  • Author: Henty, G.A.
  • Format: MP3
  • Specs: 3.5 hours
  • Publisher: Jim Hodges Productions
  • Grade: 6th - Adult

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