Beethoven Lives Upstairs - CD


These Classical Kids CD’s were a fabulous part of growing up in the Bjorkman house. Even now, whenever they hear a piece that they heard years ago on a Classical Kids album, they can tell you the composer because the richness of the story attributed to each is so intertwined with the music.

Beethoven Lives Upstairs is the best-loved and best-selling of all our Classical Kids stories.

The arrival of an eccentric boarder turns a young boy's life upside down. Ludwig van Beethoven has moved in upstairs! At first Christoph resents their new tenant but slowly he comes to understand the genius of the man, the torment of his deafness and the beauty of his music. In the end he is won over by the music and true incidents from the great composer's life.

The music, all originally produced, includes excerpts of more than 35 of Beethoven's best-loved works: Symphonies Nos. 5 to 9, the Moonlight and Pathetique Sonatas, Violin "Spring Sonata," Flute Serenade, G+ Sonatina, Minuet in G+, and Fur Elise.

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  • Model: 2636
  • Author: Cowling, Douglas
  • Format: CD
  • Publisher: Classical Kids
  • Grade: Kindergarten - 8th

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