Singapore Math Placement Tests

We have chosen to carry the "U.S. Edition" of Singapore Math because we feel these are more appropriate for homeschooling than others published by Singapore Math. The Placement Tests listed below were developed for these "U.S. Editions".

Guideline for interpreting Placement Test results: These tests cover the material for the level indicated. Therefore, each test is really an exit test for that level, and can be used to see what types of problems are given in the curriculum. An overall score of 80% and above on a test is a good indicator that the student has the skills to go on to the next level. However, if a student consistently misses problems from the same topic, you should consider starting at the tested level regardless of the overall score.

Suggested time for taking tests: These tests are not supposed to be timed, but you should allow about an hour for each.

Primary Math 1A
Primary Math 1B

Primary Math 2A
Primary Math 2B

Primary Math 3A
Primary Math 3B

Primary Math 4A
Primary Math 4B

Primary Math 5A
Primary Math 5B

Primary Math 6A
Primary Math 6B

These placement tests and answer keys may be printed out and used by individuals at no cost. They may not be copied or incorporated into any other document. All copyrights reserved by Singapore Math Inc.

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