Providing an Optimal Learning Environment

Are you desiring to create an atmosphere where your child can flourish, not only in knowledge, but in wisdom? Do you want to protect your child from preventable, debilitating learning disabilities? Are you looking for tools to cultivate the learning process? We have provided this checklist to assist you in nurturing the precious life(s) God has entrusted to you...realizing that:

1. Spiritual forces are at work in this world.
   -Am I making prayer a top priority?

2. Example is the most effective teacher.
   -Am I choosing to be a good example?

3. Training must be the foundation for effective instruction.
   -Am I properly training my child?

4. Love builds us up.
   -Do I express physical, verbal and emotional displays of love?

5. Encouragement is more effective than discouragement.
   -Do I emphasize the positive more than the negative?

6. Physical well-being makes learning easier.
   -Do I watch for possible problems (ie. eyesight, hearing)?

7. Nutrition affects us.
   -Am I using a variety of natural foods?

8. Influences also affect us.
   -Am I making provisions for Godly influence; eliminating destructive influences?

9. Attention spans are developed.
   -Do I use good books and audios, and limit videos? In addition, do I limit distractions?

10. High Energy levels are common with children.
   -Do I encourage activities to expend excess energy with regular exercise?

11. Fun learning activities build a love for learning.
   -Do I find ways to make learning fun?

12. Inspiring a love for learning builds life-long learners.
   -Do I inspire my child by example in attitude and action?

13. Real-Life hands-on activities are best for young children.
   -Do I provide learning adventures regularly?

14. Music builds tools for the learning process.
   -Do I provide experiences (listening and participating)?

15. Stories are powerful communicating agents.
   -Am I reading good character building stories and poetry to my child?

16. Interaction is an important element.
   -Do I encourage the give and take of communication?
   -Do I utilize "teachable moments", (remembering that writing is talking on paper)?

17. Different children develop in different ways and in different time frames.
   -Do I make allowances for my child's uniqueness?

18. Earlier is not necessarily better when it comes to academics.
   -Am I expecting too much too soon?

19. Childishness is a stage not a sickness.
   -Do I try to experience (see, hear and feel) life as he does?

20. Time rushes by so fast.
   -Am I enjoying my child TODAY? (This too shall pass)

21. From the heart, flow the issues of life. (Proverbs 4:23)
   -Am I caring for my child's heart?

22. The Word is alive and powerful.
   -Do I make Bible memory a priority? (Regular memorization significantly raises IQ's, and receiving God's Word increases wisdom and understanding.)

Copyright © 2000-2007 Miriam Heppner, used with permission
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