Logic of English Grammar Rule Flash Cards


Eighty-four flash cards which aid students in learning the parts of speech, punctuation rules, capitalization rules, apostrophes, and conventions for writing numbers. Though the cards are designed to accompany Logic of English™ curriculum they can be used with any grammar program. Rules are stated on the front with sample word and/or sentences on the back.

In order to fully understand how to punctuate a sentence, students must understand the basics of English grammar. Too often we leave them to guess, telling them to put a comma where you naturally pause. This has resulted in wide spread confusion. The Logic of English™ Grammar Flash Cards aid students in learning the reasons underlying written English. These cards are scheduled in the Logic of English™ Essentials program.

The rules follow the conventions used in The Chicago Manual of Style.

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  • Model: 4167
  • Author: Eide, Denise
  • Format: Cards
  • Specs: 84 cards
  • Edition: 3rd
  • Publisher: Logic of English
  • Grade: 2nd - 12th

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