Sequential Spelling 4 with Workbook

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Sequential Spelling is a seven level spelling program for the teaching of the patterns of English spelling over seven years.

Many people have come into the shop and raved about this program for teaching their kids the spelling essentials. It has proven to be very successful, especially with children who aren’t excelling with traditional programs. Rather than using workbook exercises to practice scattered lists of words, each lesson builds upon the last using actual spelling patterns. The other component that makes this set great is the emphasis on immediate feedback to the student.

Important Note: The sequences are not based on grade level curriculum. The sequences are based on building from easy words to advanced words as from all, tall, stall, install, installment, installation. Start with Level 1.

This set includes a Teacher Book and a Student Workbook. A notebook could also be used for the student to write their lists.

Level Four consists of 180 daily lessons totaling just under 4,500 words. It begins with the word family "ish" and ends with the word family "ically".

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  • Model: 2681
  • Author: McCabe, Don
  • Format: Paperback
  • Specs: 2 books
  • Publisher: Wave 3 Learning, Inc.
  • Grade: 4th - 6th

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