Lessons From History 100Bc-1300Ad The Art Part


Don't miss out on this supplemental book for the series Lessons from History. It is full of fabulous hands-on projects that coincide with each lesson in the Lessons from History books.

Lessons From History 100 BC to AD 1300's-Julius Caesar- Cleopatra-Augustus Caesar-Jesus Christ- Peter -Paul –Vesuvius- Nero -Constantine -Attila the Hun -St. Benedict- Pope Gregory- Justinian -Mohammed -Charlemagne -Leif Ericsson -William the Conqueror- King Arthur -Medieval Life- Crusades- King John -Giotto –Genghis Khan- Incas- Black Plague- John Wycliffe- Joan of Arc

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  • Model: 913
  • Author: Wickstrom, Sybil
  • Format: Spiral Bound
  • Specs: 92 pages
  • Publisher: Hillside Academy
  • Grade: Kindergarten - 8th

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