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Bible Study Guide for All Ages (BGSA) is a 4 year comprehensive Bible study in 416 lessons for ages 3-Adult. Wow! That’s saying a lot, and “Wow” is what our customers are saying as well. You’ll find yourself learning about the stories, the structure, the authors, the sequence, the places, the people of the Bible. . . and what’s amazing is that you’ll remember it.

This is the Teacher's Guide for Unit 1 (Year 1) and includes lessons 1-104.

Here’s an overview of the program and its pieces.

Each of the 4 years of study is considered a Unit and has 104 lessons. For each Unit you will find several parts including:
*Teacher’s Guide (used for all ages) – This 3-ring binder is the core of the program. It includes instructions, lesson plans, study helps, drills & maps, and visual aids. There are several parts to each lesson including the biblical text, additional scripture, dictionary definitions, questions, map work, timeline work, songs, application, and prayer time. The lessons were originally created to be done twice a week, however, families can choose to do them more or less frequently.
*Student Pages (Age 3 – Grade 6) – These activity/response pages come in 3 levels (Beginner, Age 3-K; Intermediate, Grades 1-3; Advanced, Grades 4-6) and include 26 lessons each. Thus, each year has 4 sets or “Quarters”. These play an important role in helping the student to internalize their learning by following up with coloring, maps, timelines, and application exercises. There are not Student Pages specifically for older children or adults, although some teens have also enjoyed the advanced level pages.
*Wall Map & Time Line (Grade 1 & up) – This set of 4 large, glossy posters can be used along with the Map & Time Line Labels (see below) as a visual aid and activity for the lessons. Throughout the Unit, students will be asked to label the maps and time line with what they have learned using a reusable adhesive such as Handi-Tak. Periodically, some labels will be removed and the students will be asked to put them back where they belong.
*Wall Map & Time Line Labels (Grade 1 & up) – These labels are available in sets of 52 lessons (2 sets needed per Unit) and the start up set for lessons 1-52 comes with a 3-ring Label Book to help you keep them organized.

In addition, the following resources can be fun and helpful in all 4 Units:
*Children’s Songs CD Set (Age 3 – Grade 6) – 2 CD set with 91 Bible-based a capella songs to help children remember writers, kings, Bible stories, and more.
*Bible Book Summary Cards (Age 3 – Grade 6) – These 66 – 11” x 14” posters each represent the summary of a book of the Bible in pictures. With just these clues, children can grasp the content of every book.

You will find each of these pieces listed separately on this website.

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  • Model: 3365
  • Author: Baker, Donald & Mary
  • Format: 3-Ring Binder
  • Publisher: Bible Study Guide for All Ages
  • Grade: Preschool - Adult

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