Common Sense Business for Kids


If you are searching for an engaging, down-to-earth introduction to business and entrepreneurship for students, this book will make an excellent addition to your home/school library. And, if you and your students have enjoyed Richard Maybury’s “Uncle Eric” books and/or Karl Hess’ Capitalism for Kids: Growing Up To Be Your Own Boss you will find Common Sense Business for Kids a wonderful companion volume.

Although written at a reading and comprehension level that children ages 10 and up can understand, this book will also be beneficial to teens entering the workforce who will find Anthony Maybury a wise and gentle guide as they embark on their first journeys in business (and you might just find the nuggets of wisdom beneficial for your own business ventures, too!)

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  • Model: 1342
  • Author: Daniels, Kathryn
  • Format: Paperback
  • Specs: 62 pages
  • Publisher: Bluestocking Press
  • Grade: 4th - 12th

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