Your Story Hour - Adventures in Life 10 - CD


32 true life stories full of adventure, suspense, and everyday life situations.

This album includes:

High Tide - A story of the importance of obedience
Buddies for Keeps - A story of honesty and true friendship
Ellen's Cross Road - A story about resisting the temptation to cheat
For His Own Good - A story about respecting others
Duke - A dog story on being kind to our pets
Tanni, The Deer - The principles of freedom from the perspective of a deer
The Biggest Surprise & Red Skinned Angels - Includes two stories: the first about greed and the second about God's care
The Cover Up & When Grandpa Turned Thirteen - Includes two stories: the first is a story about lying. The second shares the importance of obedience
The Private Life of My Dog Bingo - The story of one dog's loyalty
Little King - The story of a faithful, little dog
Two Side & Pete and the Pumpkin Patch - Includes two stories: the first reveals that things are not always as they seem. The second is a story about concern for others
Too Smart & Major Barkus - Includes two stories: the first about being honest. And . . . a little dog becomes a hero
Thou Shalt Not Want - Faith and prayer rewarded at Christmas
The Two Jimmies - An orphan boy finds a new home at Christmas time
Miss Bossy & Big Leaguer - Includes two stories: a young girl's overbearing traits are corrected. And . . . a story on courtesy
The Church in the Meadow - A story of an old country church and its members
The Gift of the Magi - A retelling of the O. Henry Christmas classic
The Christmas Carol - A retelling of the Charles Dickens Classic
Teenage Dupe - A story of stewardship and dishonesty
Nancy Flies - A story of God's watchful care
The Measuring Rod - A Your Story Hour classic about revealing true motives
One Day Difference & Valerie's Valentine - Includes two stories: The first on faithfulness and the second a touching story of love for parents
Courage Plus Friendship & Queer Moccasins - Includes two stories: both about courage
Caracooche & Captain Smith - Includes two stories: Kindness saves a life and an American explorer

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  • Model: 437
  • Author: Your Story Hour
  • Format: CD
  • Specs: 12 CDs
  • Publisher: Your Story Hour
  • Grade: Kindergarten - 8th

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