Your Story Hour - Adventures in Life 11 - CD


32 true life stories full of adventure, suspense, and everyday life situations.

This album includes:

Donna's Uninvited Guest - Donna learns respect for the elderly
No Greater Love - A story of faithfulness and bravery
The Fierce Protector & Greyfriar's Bobby - Includes two stories of dogs: protection and loyalty
Maggie and the Yellow Dogs & Gunga and the Tiger - Includes two stories: God's protection for a lost little girl. And . . . God uses a young boy to protect a family from a tiger
Tested - Resisting the temptation to be dishonest
Triangle Tangle - A story about dishonesty
Mary Jones and Her Bible & The Eleventh Commandment - Includes two stories: A wonderful story of a child and her love for the Bible. And a story about Christian courtesy
Sharon's Closet & Unexpected Caller - Includes two stories: The first about neatness and being thrifty. The second about standing for what is right
The Cow and the Senator - An orphan boy who grow up to be a senator
Rambunctious Doberman - Story of a faithful dog
Christmas Hearts at Easter - Story of unselfish love
Farmer Whipple, Bachelor - A dramatized romantic poem
The Crooked Road - A story of teenage peer pressure
The Long Train Ride - A story of God's care for two war orphans
A Christmas Trilogy - The Fantastic Christmas - a World War I Christmas Story; Sam and the Christmas Angel - an unusual arrival to a family Christmas; and Lori's "Just for Love" - a little girl makes two cold hearts melt
A Christmas Story - Also known as Dr. Brown's Christmas Party
The Hidden Treasure - A story about a treasure and where to hide it
What Happened to Danny? - A story about poor choices and alcohol addiction
Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggar Man, Thief - Story of the bad decisions made concerning shoplifting
Sow Seeds of Kindness - Kindness saves family from death
Trouble with Thieves - A story about yielding to temptation
Fool's Gold - A story of obedience and honesty
Judy's True Friend - A story about peer pressure to cheat
Temptation & Phillip Learns a Lesson (The Bad IOU) - Includes two stories: the first about keeping a promise. The second about wrong associates, gambling and stealing

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  • Model: 439
  • Author: Your Story Hour
  • Format: CD
  • Specs: 12 CDs
  • Publisher: Your Story Hour
  • Grade: Kindergarten - 8th

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