Your Story Hour - Adventures in Life 8 - CD


32 true life stories full of adventure, suspense, and everyday life situations.

This album includes:

The Strange Statement & To Tell the Truth - Includes two stories: The first tells of a boy's witness for Christ and the second talks about honesty
Nancy Vogue's Den Of Thieves & The Pony Express - Includes two stories: In the first story Nancy Vogue and her friends deal with honesty. The second is a story about America's early mail system
Phillip's Great Adventure - Phillip's three day adventure, gives him time to learn that letting someone else take the blame for something he did wasn't the right thing to do
Aunt Serena's Secret & Three Empty Sacks - Includes two stories: In the first Aunt Serena tells Nancy a story to illustrate concern for others. The second story shows how to use our talents
John Huddleston and His Mule & Phillip Finds $1,000 - Includes two stories: In the first John Huddleston's persistence pays off. In the second story Phillip faces temptation when he finds some money
When God Said "Wait A While" & Billy's Broken Crutch - Includes two stories: Both tell of answered prayer
The Long Road from Hong Kong To China Town, U.S.A. - A Chinese boy is driven from his home by war. He comes to the United States and becomes a Christian, which causes problems within his family
Adoniram Judson - Conversion of young man that answers God's call
Rena & Prayer Planks - Includes two stories: The first is about Rena a blind girls whose sight is restored. The second story is about three friends escaping the Japanese army.
Orphan Arthur - Two orphan boys learn about love and loyalty
Nip and Tuck - After a little boy loses his parents, and he begins to sell papers on the street, he finds a dog - Nip.
The False Queen - Joanne learns what it means to be a true queen
Inasmuch & A Nickel's Worth of Honesty - Includes two stories: The first tells of a young boy being tried in court for stealing. The second story is about a young paper boy who is rewarded for his honesty.
Silas' Investment - Before the days of free education, a young girl, hungry for learning, persuades Silas, a wealthy but grouchy old neighbor to "invest" in her by giving her an education
The Hidden Money, Part One - A young orphaned boy sells papers on the street, and is forced to give the money to his cousins, where he now lives
The Hidden Money, Part Two - After his money is stolen, Emerson runs away to start a new life. As he grows and has a family of his own his heart is converted
Strangers in the Night - God cares for a brother and sister who are left alone, while their parents go to town for supplies
Greg and the Runaway Tractor - Greg learns an important lesson in obedience
What Joe Learned - Joe can't wait to learn to drive the family car, but his impatience leads to trouble
After Twenty Years - Two young men who grew up in the same neighborhood part ways but agree to return to a specific spot 20 years later
Narcissa Prentiss - Narcissa and her husband, Dr. Marcus Whitman, make the trip from New York State to Fort Walla Walla and begin working with the Indians
Little Dan and Big Abe - Dan, learns a lesson on forgiveness from President Lincoln
The Dying Hero - A Civil War veteran tells his experiences
Tom and Skip & The Wild Dog - Includes two dog stories: In the first, a boy learns consideration for his parents, and in the second story, kindness to a dog wins its friendship

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  • Model: 441
  • Author: Your Story Hour
  • Format: CD
  • Specs: 12 CDs
  • Publisher: Your Story Hour
  • Grade: Kindergarten - 8th

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