Your Story Hour - Adventures in Life 9 - CD


31 true life stories full of adventure, suspense, and everyday life situations.

This album includes:

Uncle Jake - Kindly old man demonstrates faith
The Stolen Book - A Stolen Bible reforms a criminals heart
Twentieth Century Hank vs. Medieval Mom - A mom deals with the generation gap between her and her son
Three Week’s Notice - A boy's devotion to principle makes him a leader in business
To Kill a Devil - Jim and Cora sell the old family farm and move to another state. A very unkind neighbor test severely their Christian patience
One Day at a Time - Marcie learns too many calories equals too many pounds
The Perfect Valentine - Ann befriends her elderly neighbor and both are rewarded
Footprints - A teenage girl learns the importance of choosing her friends wisely
Chicken Charlie - To earn some money, a boy takes a summer job caring for a farm and learns about responsibility, and his friends learn not to judge
Coal Oil Johnny - Coal Oil Johnny discovers oil on his aunt's property and learns about money and true happiness
The Bluest Ribbon - Two boys save the life of a calf belonging to their landlord. Later the community helps the boys buy the calf at an auction
The Stolen Catcher's Mitt - Sidney needs a new catcher's mitt to stay on the team. Not having the money to buy one he steals one then hides it out of fear, but finally confesses what he has done and makes restitution
Pine Trees and Pie Dough - Russ's grandmother encourages him to become more independent
A Piece of String - Through gossip and mistaken judgment an innocent man is the victim of a cover-up
Pa and the Violin - A young girl learns perseverance and overcoming difficulties as she tries to master the violin
Roses and Bluebells - A psychology professor leaves the classroom to visit his aging mother, and there learns a lesson on the essence of living
Polio & See My Hands - Includes two stories: Handicapped by polio, Joe determines not to be a burden to anyone and becomes the head of a school for handicapped children. In the second story, badly burned hands are offered as proof of a man's love for a child
The Land of the Free - The story of a German immigrant and his frustrating experiences in becoming an American citizen
Lone Way & Why Lennie? - Includes two stories: A high school graduate goes to work for the pipeline to earn money for college and has to stand up for his ideals when he is hassled by the crew to drink. Story 2 - A group of teenagers learn the deadly cost of driving and drinking
Too Soon & Finder's Keepers - Includes two stories: A teenage boy faces the consequences of taking the family car without permission. The second story deals with the question of whether it's right to keep something another person has lost
Mr. Touey & The Miller and the Indians - Includes two stories: After her dog is killed by a train a girl writes to the president of the railroad, Mr. Touey, asking for a new one. And . . . when the Indians take revenge on a settlement for mistreatment, the Millers are spared because of their kindness
Balto's Race of Life and Death & Jon Goes Seal Hunting - Includes two stories: The dog Balto races through the Alaskan snow to deliver medicine. And . . . Jon is bored with school and decides to try seal hunting
Runaway Christmas & Irving and the Besetting Sin - Includes two stories: A young boy has difficulty adjusting after moving to a new state. And . . . Irving spends the summer on his grandfather's farm and learns an important lesson in obedience
The Little Lost Cat & Ranger Learns too Late - Includes two stories: A cat becomes a railroader's pet and saves the train from a crash. And . . . Ranger, the dog, plays with a rattlesnake one time too many and has devastating consequences

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  • Model: 443
  • Author: Your Story Hour
  • Format: CD
  • Specs: 12 CDs
  • Publisher: Your Story Hour
  • Grade: Kindergarten - 8th

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