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Being a foreign language major myself, I have been very particular about the foreign language programs that we at Heppner’s Legacy would carry and support. After much investigation, I feel confident in the ability of the Learnables to fit the bill. I appreciate their natural approach to language learning that begins with audio/oral input rather than the written word. The student will spend the entire first semester becoming familiar with basic vocabulary of the language through verbal input and pictures. It is more like the way a child learns their first language. It compares in effectiveness to other, more expensive, programs, and I am pleased to endorse it. ~ Nancy

DISC 1: The Learnables® CD-ROM is the first course of a comprehensive system of language instruction. There are 10 lessons in level 1 and each lesson is approximately 20 minutes long. This CD-ROM begins with single words depicted with an illustration. Within the first lesson single words will become simple sentences. Every word or sentence will have an illustration so the student will understand the concept while listening to a native speaker. There are over 1,000 colorful illustrations with the addition of games and still photos to enhance the students ability to learn. Also, each lesson has a multiple choice quiz to ensure the comprehension of each lesson. This beginning level will introduce basic vocabulary such as household objects, food, clothing, family, basic prepositions, pronouns and present tense verbs.

To use The Learnables® on Computer, your computer must use the Windows or Mac operating systems.

DISC 2: Learnables® Basic Structures 1 - This disc provides a systematic presentation of the following grammatical structures through the use of pictures and stories. Learn German prepositions, plurals, pronouns, verbs, and colors.

DISC 3: Fast Response - Fast Response is both a game and a final examination. Play it for hours to learn and to test yourself.

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  • Model: 3390
  • Author: International Linguistics Corp
  • Format: CD-ROM
  • Publisher: International Linguistics Corp
  • Grade: 3rd - 12th

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