Drive Thru History: Turkish Delight


Dave Stotts speeds you back in time again with the third Drive Thru History DVD, Turkish Delight. You'll have a front-row seat for more adventure, more laughs, and more history as you drive to cities and ancient ruins in Turkey that are truly off the beaten path. You'll see why places like Smyrna and Sardis were so important in ancient history and how the messages to these cities found in the book of Revelation help shed light on what life was like for the early church. You'll follow Dave as he rides a camel around the hot springs of Hierapolis and explores the ruins of Laodicea and Colossae to discover the fascinating historical clues these cities reveal. The history in your Bible will come alive all over again!

In the first episode, cruise thru exotic Turkey with Dave as he searches out some of the mysterious “Churches of the Revelation.” Dave starts in seaside Smyrna, where we learn about the history of this early Christian Church and the martyrdom of St Polycarp. Then check out Dave’s sweet ride as he travels the “Royal Road” towards biblical Sardis and you will learn about the amazing history of this one time “richest place on earth”-a place where money was (literally) invented.

In the second episode, the ancient Romans vacationed in Hierapolis. It’s natural hot springs made the ancient spa of the ancient world. Dave briefly tries travel by camel only to be reminded why he prefers the car. (Cars don’t bite.) Next Dave explores another church mentioned in Revelation-Laodicea. You will learn about what made this town special and how it became, “neither hot nor cold.” Last, Dave finds ancient Colosse still largely unexplored and discusses the letter written by Paul to this early church.

In the last episode, Dave travels though the best-preserved ruins on the ancient Roman world-Ephesus. See the amazing library of Celsus and the Roman amphitheater where the Apostle Paul caused a riot by questioning the worship at one of the ancient wonders of the world-- the Artemis temple. (The Book of Acts, Chapter 19) No visit to Ephesus is complete without discussing the impact of the early church and Paul’s famous letter written to Christians living in Ephesus.

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  • Model: 3257
  • Author: Stotts, Dave
  • Format: DVD
  • Specs: 90+ min
  • Publisher: Tyndale
  • Grade: 6th - 12th

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