Famous Men of Greece


This series involves two important principles in teaching history to children: biography, which incorporates interesting stories about real people, and chronology, which gives the correct order to the events surrounding their lives. These studies are biblically based and use biblical standards to evaluate historical figures and events with a focus on people and cultures. The material is spread out over the elementary years.

Instead of getting just a glimmer of understanding (as students usually do in studying all of world history in just one year), students will really learn about the time periods. By the end of the 7th grade, the full span of Western and American history will be covered, and students will be ready to begin a more in-depth study of history at the high school level.

This course combines the basic facts with fascinating details, bringing history fully alive for students. It is adaptable for older students by moving a little faster and supplementing with high school level literature that corresponds to the historical period they are studying.

Greenleaf Guides provide background information, discussion questions, and suggested activities intended to bring the focus of the study to a Christian worldview.

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  • Model: 607
  • Author: Haaren, John H
  • Format: Paperback
  • Specs: 146 pages
  • Publisher: Greenleaf Press
  • Grade: 2nd - 7th

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