DIVE for Saxon Math 76 - 3rd edition


D.I.V.E., which stands for Digital Interactive Video Education, is a revolutionary product which utilizes recently developed software and hardware technology to create math and science lectures on a computer whiteboard that looks and sounds as though you are doing a lecture in a real classroom. DIVE Math teaches every lesson in each Saxon textbook from a Christian worldview.

Connecting new concepts to previous ones, Dr. Shormann patiently teaches students step-by-step how one concept builds on another while working several practice problems per lesson. Students work interactively by taking notes and working problems. They can easily pause, rewind or fast forward, learning at their own pace, thereby improving retention and understanding. Based on European and Asian teaching methods, Saxon's award-winning combination of incremental teaching, spiral review and integration of algebra with geometry ensures students know "all their math all the time", resulting in higher scores on standardized tests and enabling students to confidently move to higher levels of math.

Each CD coincides with a specific edition of Saxon Math and is used along with the student book and supplies. It is important to check your edition carefully before ordering to ensure a match.

Each DIVE Math lesson is taught along with several practice problems per lesson. Lessons are short and interactive, which minimizes time spent staring at a computer screen.

Easy access to previously taught lessons that have been forgotten.
Dr. David Shormann, instructor, has over 6000 hours of teaching experience in science and mathematics.

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  • Model: 1920
  • Author: Shormann, David
  • Format: CD-ROM
  • Edition: 3rd ed.
  • Publisher: DIVE
  • Grade: 6th - 7th

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