Balance Math & More! Level 3


The Balance Math™ & More! activities sharpen students’ critical thinking and computational skills, and develop algebraic reasoning.

Each reproducible book is made up of three different types of puzzles:

Balance Math: Students examine the balances to deduce the missing value.
Inside-Out Math: Students need to reverse their thinking, using the inverse relationships between addition and subtraction and multiplication and division to solve the puzzle.
Tic Tac Math: Students figure out the correct order to complete all rows, columns, and diagonals.

Level 3 involves addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication as well as fractions and decimals.

The spiraling difficulty level is designed to scaffold a student’s conceptual understanding of the targeted operations from beginning to advanced. Teaching suggestions and detailed solutions are included. Try one of these intriguing puzzles—and then try to stop!

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  • Model: 4812
  • Author: Femiano, Robert
  • Format: Paperback
  • Specs: 48 pages
  • Publisher: Critical Thinking Company
  • Grade: 6th - 12th

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