Advanced Chemistry in Creation Student Text


This course is designed to be the second high school chemistry course that a student takes. In order to take this course, then, the student must have already had one year of high school chemistry. When added to that first-year course, this course “fills in the gaps,” giving the student the equivalent of the first year of college chemistry. You might have heard this kind of course called an “advanced placement” or “AP” course. In addition to a first year of chemistry, the student needs to have completed Algebra 2.

The course covers detailed descriptions of limiting-reagent stoichiometry, atomic and molecular orbitals, intermolecular forces, solutions, equilibria, acids and bases, redox reactions, nuclear chemistry, and organic chemistry.

This is the student text only and does not include the tests and solutions.

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  • Model: 3319
  • Author: Wile, Dr. Jay
  • Format: Paperback
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Publisher: Apologia
  • Grade: 12th

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