Rory's Story Cubes - Actions
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Now expand you play with Rory's Story Cubes Action set to add 54 verbs to your play.

This pocket-sized creative story generator, provides hours of imaginative play for all ages. With Rory's Story Cubes, anyone can become a great storyteller and there are no wrong answers. Simply roll the cubes and let the pictures spark your imagination!

There are infinite ways to play with Rory's Story Cubes. You can play solitaire or with others. Here are some suggested uses: Party game or ice-breaker, Literacy development, Speaking & listening skills, Creative inspiration, Mental workout, Problem solving.

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  • Model: 4475
  • Author: Gamewright
  • Format: Game
  • Specs: 9 dice
  • Publisher: Asmodee Games
  • Grade: 2nd - 7th

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