Excellence in Sport Skills: Building Basic Skills


Forty minutes of video instruction cover:

* Passing
* Punting
* Catching

* Kicking
* Dribbling
* Heading
* Foot Trap
* Throw-In

* Free-throw
* Lay-up
* Chest Pass
* Dribbling

* Overhead Pass
* Bump
* Underhand Serve
* Dribbling

* Overhand Throw
* Batting
* Catching

* Forehand
* Backhand

This video can be used alone but was intended to be a companion to the labs in the books:

* Home School Family Fitness: A Complete Curriculum Guide
* Physical Education For Homeschool Co-ops and Private Schools

Dr. Whitney received his Ph.D. in Physical Education from the University of Minnesota. He has coached and taught all ages in private school, public school, home school and college levels. In this instructional video his eight children ages 5-20, demonstrate the proper technique for the basic skills in the sports listed. Learning the basic sport techniques is essential in laying the foundations of learning more advanced skills.

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  • Model: 3214
  • Author: Whitney, Dr. Bruce
  • Format: DVD
  • Specs: 40 minutes
  • Publisher: Homeschool Family Fitness
  • Grade: Kindergarten - 12th

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