Learnables - Spanish Level 1 CD-ROM/DVD for Windows


This new five disc computer format has combined the original Learnables® and Basic Structures programs into one package. To complete the Level 1 package two new CD-ROM discs were added to increase the students’ ability to understand easily the newly acquired language. Each of the discs is clearly marked and easy to use. Please see the detailed description and samples below to indicate what is included in the new Spanish Level 1.

Disc 1
The Learnables® is the first disc of a comprehensive system of language instruction. There are 10 lessons with over 1,000 colorful illustrations with the addition of games and still photos to enhance the students’ ability to learn. Each lesson has a multiple choice quiz to ensure the understanding of each lesson. The Learnables® beginning level will introduce basic vocabulary concepts such as household objects, food, clothing, family, basic prepositions, pronouns and present tense verbs.

Disc 2 & 3
Basic Structures’ primary emphasis is on reading with lots of experience in listening to new words and sentences. Students learn to read the newly acquired foreign language as presented in The Learnables® with many additional concepts presented in Spanish. All illustrations are in vivid color and in large format. Discs 2 and 3 can also play in your DVD player for the whole family to watch together.

Disc 4
Basic Structures Exercise/Test Disc. This disc contains a test for each lesson in Basic tructures. Each exercise will correspond to the lesson you have previously taken in discs 2 and 3.

Disc 5
Fast Response Game teaches the student to respond quickly in the foreign language. This program can be used after completion of The Learnables on Computer®. This new CD-ROM gives the student lots of practice in the foreign language.

High School Credit. Each level of The Learnables® Foreign Language Courses is equivalent to one year of high school.

To use The Learnables® on Computer, your operating system must be Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista and beyond, or Mac OS 9 and beyond. IMPORTANT NOTE: This CD-ROM comes EITHER PC or MAC compatible. Please be sure you are ordering the correct version. Once it has been opened, we can not accept returns. MAC versions are considered "Special Orders" and cannot be returned.

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  • Model: 3370
  • Author: International Linguistics Corp
  • Format: CD-ROM
  • Specs: 5 discs
  • Publisher: International Linguistics Corp
  • Grade: 3rd - 12th

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