Old Man and the Sea


After 84 days without taking a fish, Santiago is soon to catch something larger than he can ever imagine. It is his courage and perseverance of character that enables him to go out to sea in his weather-beaten boat each day despite the hardship and the disappointment of catching nothing.

In the midst of ridicule from younger fishermen, Santiago finds courage in his friendship with a young boy, Manolin, who has fished with Santiago since he was five years old. But because of Santiago's "bad luck," Manolin's parents will not allow the boy to fish with Santiago any more.

One day Santiago goes out once more, further than usual, and he catches something - something large that pulls him and his boat out to sea. It is a giant marlin, silver with lavendar stripes. It becomes a battle of strength and endurance between the old man and the fish, as the sun rises and sets twice during their epic struggle. On the third day Santiago wins the battle, and is able to bring the marlin in and lash it to the side of his boat. On his return journey, however, sharks attack, and despite his best efforts he cannot fight them off.

It is late in the middle of the night when he finally pulls into shore. After tying his boat securely he slowly makes his way to his small home, where he lays down upon his bed and sleeps the sleep of exhaustion.

The remains of the giant marlin are found by his fellow fisherman the following morning. With surprise and amazement they measure it, and find it to be eighteen feet long from nose to tail. Though none of the meat remains the skeleton is still more than enough to prove that Santiago no longer has "bad luck." The boy returns to Santiago's home, to fish with him once again.

This short novel shows the outcome of one man's endurance in the midst of defeat, and how the friendship of a young boy gives him hope. The Old Man and the Sea won author Ernest Hemingway the Pulitzer Prize in 1953. This book is on the reading list for the Learning Language Arts Through Literature Gold American Literature for High School.

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  • Model: 3819
  • Author: Hemingway, Ernest
  • Format: Paperback
  • Specs: 128 pages
  • Publisher: Scribner Book Company
  • Grade: 9th - 12th

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