English from the Roots Up - Vol 1


English from the Roots Up has been a rewarding, easy to teach way for our family to become familiar with the roots which make up the bulk of the English language. A short session three times a week was adequate to cover most of the words in Volume 1. We used GREEN 3x5 cards for GREEK, and LAVENDER cards for LATIN roots. Each child also got their own file box in which to keep the cards that were "theirs". However, I kept a box also, and if a child was not able to remember the definition of a word on one of the cards it became "mine" until the next time when they could remember it. The book is easy to use with multiple grades and could be used from third grade on up. It created within the Bjorkman children a love for the meanings of words that they encounter daily and helped them greatly as they moved into more advanced studies, especially in foreign and classical languages. Nancy B.

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  • Model: 391
  • Author: Lundquist, Joegil
  • Format: Comb Bound
  • Specs: 125 pages
  • Publisher: Cune Press
  • Grade: 2nd - 12th

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