Mysterious Signal


When Jordan and his father, Micah Parker, learn they are being watched, they need to leave Springfield, Illinois, at once. With the stolen money recovered and the thief behind bars, Libby looks forward to returning the money Pa needs to pay off the Christina. Jordan makes plans to travel to Chicago and turn over the gift to help fugitive slaves. But then a dangerous man escapes! If he recognizes Libby, Jordan and Peter will be in danger. When a disguise for Libby seems the only answer, it requires a sacrifice she isn't sure she's willing to make.

Arriving in a strange city, the Freedom Seekers look for a safe house--a station in the Underground Railroad where fugitive slaves can hide. When finding help might be a matter of life or death can they spot a mysterious signal in time? And how does a young teacher named Annika become an important part of their lives? Can the great detective Allan Pinkerton offer the surprising solution they need? Will a life-threatening steamboat accident and Libby's new willingness to forgive her Aunt Vi bring the breakthroughs she needs?

In The Mysterious Signal, the fifth Freedom Seekers novel, as well as others in the series previously published as the Riverboat Adventures Series, Lois Walfrid Johnson uses fast-paced storytelling and biblical truth to bring important concepts alive.

Includes a study guide and educator helps.

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  • Model: 4263
  • Author: Johnson, Lois Walfrid
  • Format: Paperback
  • Specs: 246 pages
  • Publisher: Moody Press
  • Grade: 3rd - 7th

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