Foundations - Level C Teacher's Manual


For the student who has mastered the phonograms, spelling rules, and words in Level B. The world of words opens further as students master an additional 27 multi-letter phonograms and 14 spelling rules. These concepts prepare students to read real books without guessing at words. Students practice finding the main idea, locating key words, and other comprehension strategies learning from 8 STEM and multi-cultural readers. Upon completion of Level C, students will be able to read two- and three- syllable words and will be prepared to read first and second grade books.

Upon completion of Level C students will:
Know all 75 basic phonograms.
Be familiar with 15 spelling rules.
Be able to identify six reasons for a silent final E.
Read compound words.
Read two-syllable words and have a strategy for reading three-syllable words.
Know the meanings of common affixes such as -ED, -ING, and UN-.
Be able to answer simple comprehension questions about age-appropriate non-fiction texts.
Be able to identify keywords.
Be familiar with writing key words about a familiar topic.
Be be familiar with finding the main idea.
Read and follow simple directions.
Know 344 high frequency words.
Read words with a silent L such as walk, talk, and could.
Identify the schwa sound in a word.

Level C includes:
40 Lessons plus 8 Assessment and Review Lessons

Dozens of Phonogram, Spelling Rule, Comprehension, and High-Frequency Word games.

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  • Model: 4331
  • Author: Eide, Denise
  • Format: Hardback
  • Specs: 312 pages
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Publisher: Logic of English
  • Grade: Preschool - 2nd

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