Math Lessons for a Living Education Level 4

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Math Lessons for a Living Education Level 4 makes math fun and exciting! Through engaging, real-life stories and practical application, this Charlotte Mason flavored math shows your student that math is very important—and incredibly useful in everyday life. Students are encouraged to explore the big picture and break it down into smaller pieces, discover important connections as they work out solutions, develop a better understanding of math, and strengthen their critical thinking skills.

In Math Lessons for a Living Education Level 4, your student will learn new fraction concepts, metric units of measurement, basic geometry, averaging, and so much more!

This curriculum is not rigidly set for grade levels. Level 4 may well be appropriate for your 3rd through 5th grade student. The student book is self-contained and does not require a teacher book for this level.

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  • Model: 5319
  • Author: O'Dell, Angela
  • Format: Paperback
  • Specs: 350 pages
  • Publisher: Master Books
  • Grade: 3rd - 5th

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