My Story and the World Around Me - 1

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Level one begins with children in their homes, helping them think about their lives from their immediate families and beyond, as well as learning about local governments. Includes four quests.

Lays a foundation for God's love as students learn about his world. Starts with an understanding of the family from the Book of Genesis, Eden, Noah’s family, the Tower of Babel, and beyond. Helps children create a map of their homes and neighborhood so they can better understand a world map. Covers topics and interesting insights like toys and inventions through history, words from around the world, and homes in every shape and size, all while helping children journal their own story.

This can be a nice starting place for a family whose oldest child is Kindergarten or first grade. It lays a nice foundation for social studies in a format that is somewhat more traditional and thus comfortable for a newer homeschooling mom.

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  • Model: 5323
  • Author: Froman, Craig
  • Format: Paperback
  • Specs: 416 pages
  • Publisher: Master Books
  • Grade: 1st - 2nd

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