Lessons From History 1400's -1700's


This wonderful series by Minnesotan, Gail Schultz is a great introduction to unit studies for the homeschool mom with elementary aged students. Gail moves chronologically through history using studies about people of that time.

These guides cover history, science, social studies, geography, music, art, Bible, and include field trip options, timeline figures, book lists, and much more. You and your children will love it! Very easy to implement.

Don't miss out on the supplemental book "The Art Part" that has fabulous hands-on projects that coincide with each lesson in the Lessons from History book.

Lessons From History 1400's-1700's --Johann Gutenberg-Christopher Columbus- Leonardo da Vinci -Amerigo Vespucci- Michelangelo Buonarroti-Cortes and the Aztec Indians- Martin Luther- Ferdinand Magellan-Nicolaus Copernicus -Pilgrims and Puritans –Indians-Galileo Galilei-William Shakespeare- Rembrandt van Rijn- Anton van Leeuwenhoek- Quakers-Colonial Days-John Wesley -Isaac Newton -Vivaldi, Bach & Handel -Gabriel Fahrenheit- Mozart, Beethoven & Schubert- Industrial Revolution in England- American Revolution -George Washington -Thomas Jefferson- Benjamin Franklin -James Cook- Napoleon Bonaparte

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  • Model: 915
  • Author: Schultz, Gail
  • Format: Spiral Bound
  • Specs: 103 pages
  • Publisher: Hillside Academy
  • Grade: Kindergarten - 8th

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