Learning Language Arts Through Literature - Gold British Lit.

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The 3rd edition Learning Language Arts Through Literature - The Gold Book British Literature offers instructions and directions for student and teacher. Now the answers are in the Teacher Section along with novel summaries making this edition easier than ever to use!

The Gold Book - British Literature is a complete curriculum for high school language arts courses. Classic poems and novels by the best and most influential authors were selected to demonstrate literary principals. The Gold Book series is designed to encourage the high school student's ability to read and understand literature, develop the high school students ability to read and understand literature, develop the ability for verbal and written expression, enable him to interpret and access literary meaning in terms of content and philosophy and clearly state a position in response.

In The Gold Book - British Literature you will find:

Novel Studies take an in depth look at five well-known British novels. Students are challenged with thought provoking questions, learn to interpret literature, analyze characters and more.

Book Reviews and writing assignments offer students opportunity to read good literature, write a summary, and formulate an opinion of the book.

Poetry Study includes the poetry of notable British poets from the Romantic and Victorian periods and Modern Age. Included among the greats are: Wordsworth, Shelley, Keats,Tennyson, Arnold, Hopkins, Eliot, Owen, Graves, and more.

Essay Study includes the process of writing three 500 - word essays, including on essay interpreting poetry. Complete instructions guide students to understanding and success.

Teacher's Guide and Answers are located in the back of the book.

To Complete the Assignments each student will need:
- A British Poetry Anthology published by Common Sense Press
- Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
- Emma by Jane Austen
- A Tale Of Two Cities by Charles Dickens
- The Time Machine by H.G. Wells
- Animal Farm by George Orwell

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  • Model: 934
  • Author: Strayer
  • Format: Paperback
  • Specs: 201 pages
  • Edition: 3rd ed.
  • Publisher: Common Sense Press
  • Grade: 10th - 12th

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